3D Technologies

SOLID EDGE With Synchronous Technology

Part Modeling
  • Synchronous Technology
  • Sketcher, Constrains
  • Solid Modeling Creation
  • Blends, Chamfers, Advanced Blend
  • Sweep Design, Loft, Helix Modeling
  • Super Features
  • Property Material, Weight Calculation
  • Family of Part, Excel Link Design
  • Multi Body Design
Advanced Surfacing
  • Blue Dot
  • Blue Surface, Section Editing
  • Trim Surface, Extend Surface
  • Sew, Unsew
  • Sweep Modeling
  • Project Curve, Cross Curve
  • 3D Sketch Design
  • Family of Part, Excel Link Design
  • Multi Body Design
Advanced Assembly
  • Top Down Assembly
  • Linked Assembly
  • Assembly Constrain
  • Exploded View
  • Engineering Referance
  • Machinery Std. Part Place
  • Motion, Simulation Motor
Advanced Sheet Metal Design
  • Basic Sheet Metal Modeling
  • Loft Flange, Flange Design
  • Synchronous Modeling
  • Bend, Unbend, Jog
  • Dimple, Dart, Louver
  • Flat Pattern, DXF-DWG Converter
  • Solid to Sheet Design, Flat Pattern
Detail Drafting
  • View Design
  • 2D to 3D Design
  • Section View, Detail View, Broken Section View
  • Bill of Material, Blend Table, Hole Table
  • Electric Design
  • PDF, DWG-DXF Convertor
X-Press Route - Frame Design
  • Route Design
  • Piping Std. Parts
  • Frame Editing
  • 3D Sketch Design
  • Tubing Design
  • Wire-Harness Design
Simulation Express
  • Embedded finite Element Analysis
  • Part, Sheet Metal and Assembly contact modeling with realistic component interaction
  • Automatic finite element model creation with optional manual override
  • Realistic operating environment modeling with full complement of loads and constraint definitions
  • Synchronous technology for fast model redesigns
Solid Edge Mold-Tooling
  • Part, Shrinkage
  • Parting Line, Parting Surface
  • Side Core-Cavity Design
  • Mold Base Design
  • Std. Part Design
  • Electrod Design